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Welcome to ThePasRentals.com, home of Dufferin Manor Ltd., a locally owned and operated property management and real estate development company which has been in business for over 20 years.

Throughout their years of experience, this company has been successful in the development of over 190 residential units, ensuring that every aspect of tenant comfort and convenience has been implemented into their buildings, from the highest quality construction materials available to the practicality and beauty of their suite designs. At ThePasRentals.com we can find you your ideal residence as our buildings are sure to satisfy people from all walks of life

Located on the Saskatchewan river, the Pas is home to the beautiful Manitoba scenery. Filled with outdoor activities, the Pas is a exiting place for all ages. From beautiful golf courses to a wide variety of snowmobile trails and museums, the Pas has something to offer for everyone. The Pas is also home to many small local and multi national businesses. In town, you will find all the good and services you require. For more information please visit http://www.townofthepas.ca/